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The theme is “Making Sense” and the topic of the Nordic Sensory Workshop 2018 will involve all our senses for use in food industry and beyond. The focus is on scientific results and their practical applications in the industrial environment, from research to market. In this context, we will also hear about sensory interactions and perception, trained panels and methods in new perspective, novel technics and texture experiences, and the relation of animal welfare to sensory and consumer experiences.


Qian Janice Wang, Oxford University UK will give the opening lecture of the Nordic Sensory Workshop 2018 about Multisensory influences. It will give an insight to her inspiring research field and the multisensory area; she will also guide the workshop „Making Sense of What We Eat“ where participants will test crossmodal perception, get a more practical understanding and an inspiring sensory experience of their own:

Key-note: Multisensory influences.

In her key-note lecture, Janice will talk about how people make crossmodal correspondences between visual/auditory/tactile and flavour attributes: what they are, how we might form them, and how they can influence the way we perceive food and drink.

Workshop: Making Sense of What We Eat.  

Our experience of eating and drinking is modulated by complex sensory interactions beyond just smell and taste. In this session, Janice, postdoctoral researcher from Oxford University, UK, will explain and demonstrate, with an interactive tasting session, how your experience of food and beverages can be influenced by such external factors as sound, colour, and touch.

About Qian Janice Wang.

Janice is an Experimental Psychologist currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford University. Her research examines crossmodal correspondences between flavour and the senses of sight, sound, and touch; with a special focus on how auditory stimuli can modify and enhance the way we perceive food and drink. Before coming to Oxford, she explored the intersection between music, food, design, and technology at the MIT Media Lab. Her work spans psychological experiments, technological enhancements, and multisensory performances.

She is a founding member of Crossmodalism, a movement that seeks to foster an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its sensorial environment through collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities.